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Where Stars Come From
Where Stars Come From - 3D image based off 2D concept.
This Tigger model was a pitch for a Disney series. I was asked for a rendered / toon shaded style. Modeled in XSI and textured in Photoshop. The Disney exec said mine was most "on model" of their several pitches but they liked the overall style that another studio provided.
Female Head
Female head modeled in Maya textured in Maya / Photoshop / ZBrush
Digital Double pipeline created for ingame heads
Digital Double real time SSS test render. I created all the texture and normal maps based off the 3D scan data. Geometry and diffuse images.
Grimp - zbrush monster
Grimp. Creepy little ZBrush sculpt
Patrick Stewart study
Patrick Stewart study - Modeled in XSI
Female head geometry
Female head - geometry
Digital Double work
Digital double transfer of low medium and high resolution details from scanned data to real time game model for Battlefield 4
Pink Panther Model / Texture
Pink Panther model. Modeled and textured for a Pink Panther pitch.
Optimus Prime Head
Optimus Prime modeled, and rendered in Maya (Mental Ray) Textures with Photoshop
ZBrush Monster
ZBrush monster
Giant Spider model
Giant Spider: Modeled, rigged and textured for Chop Socky Chooks! Using Maya and Photoshop.
Feng Zhu - robot concept
Feng Zhu concept modeled in Maya, textured in Photoshop
Stuart Little 3: Monty
Monty - Stuart Little 3 character
Stuart Little 3: Monty
Monty - Stuart Little 3 character
Fairytopia Construction worker
Construction worker modeled for Fairytopia
Giant Spider Model
Giant Spider - Modeled, textured and rigged for Chop Socky Chooks!
Baby Buggy Modeled / textured / rigged
Baby Buggy modeled, textured and rigged for Chop Socky Chooks!
Lightning Bike Model
Lightning Bike from Max Steel - Modeled and textured in XSI and Photoshop
Dana White in studio reviewing my work!
Dana White of UFC in studio reviewing a head I had recently submitted after doing the finishing touches on the ZBrush sculpt, normal map, texture and in-game model of Cain Velasquez.
Mr. Little from Stuart Little 3
Mr.Little from Stuart Little 3 modeled in Softimage:XSI and textured in Photoshop
Army opf Two: The 40th Day weapons
Army of Two:The 40th Day - I created all the lo-res multiplayer weapons from higher res weapons using Maya, Max and xNormal
Battlefield; Bad Company destructible objectsDestructible objects modeled and textured for Battlefield: Bad Company. Maya / Photoshop and the BF3 Editor